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Bitcoin recorded a large increase and came close to exceeding Tesla’s market value

A Bitcoin unit is now worth more than the Cybertruck, a popular Tesla car that became famous for its bold design. In the last few days, Bitcoin fans began to notice that the digital currency had surpassed the vehicle’s value.

In 2019, Elon Musk announced to the world the Cybertruck car, which Bitcoin Evolution soon won the internet for the difference with traditional cars. The electric car is expected to hit the market in 2022, according to Tesla.

However, those interested in the car can already place orders to obtain a company car. The most basic version of Cybertruck today costs $39,900.00 per unit.
With Bitcoin’s release, fans pressed Elon Musk to accept the digital currency as payment for the car.

A Bitcoin unit is worth more than Cybertruck, Tesla’s electric car.
The price of Bitcoin is experiencing a moment of frenetic boom in crypto brokers around the world. With the rise, some Bitcoin fans already want to buy products and services directly with the digital currency.

One of the dreams of many is the purchase of a Lamborghini, which is worth more than R$ 3 million. The phrase „when lambo“ is common among Bitcoin fans, but the dream would still be far away.

With the price of Bitcoin worth $ 40,600.00 in the market today, some are already trying to understand what would be possible to get in this quote. Fans discovered that the most basic version of Tesla’s Cybertruck can now be purchased for $39,900.00, and there would still be some change left.

Cybertruck Tesla

More complete versions of the electric car, however, are not yet accessible to those who have only 1 Bitcoin. That’s because, the version with two engines costs U$ 49,000.00 and with three engines comes out for U$ 69,900.00 each.

To pay for the Tesla car, the buyer needs 0.99 Bitcoins today. This way, some people pressed Elon Musk to accept the cryptomoeda as payment for the site.

The Twitter Documenting Bitcoin profile marked Elon and asked how much he will start accepting the currency.

In Brazil several cars can be bought with less than 1 Bitcoin
In Brazil, the price of each Bitcoin exceeds R$ 220,000 per unit. That is, in the country, a Hilux with 4×4 drive could be purchased with less than one Bitcoin, since the car costs R$ 159,990 thousand, according to Toyota’s website. An interested party could then spend 0.73 Bitcoins in exchange for a Hilux.

For those who prefer a sports sedan, a Honda Civic SI, which arrived in Brazil for R$ 179,000 can also be purchased. With this amount, it would be necessary the amount of 0.82 bitcoins to acquire the possante.

However, no car maker accepts cryptomoins directly. In other words, it is necessary to convert cryptomoins to fiduciary coins for the purchase of a car.

In the case of Elon Musk, who is a Dogecoin fan, accepts Bitcoin at Tesla, he would be a pioneer in this matter. The cryptomino community is certainly looking forward to such a move.

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